Chemical Resistance Guide for Elastomers III

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Data for more than 100,000 combinations of corrodents vs. rubber and other elastometric compounds — includes 400% new data!

Avoid lost sales and time, find out if your product is compatible in under 30 seconds. This new edition covers 3000+ liquid or dry chemicals, gases, lubricants, household fluids, foods and many other environments are covered. 

A must — have reference for anyone working with elastomers of any type.

Features and Specifications

  • 3060+ liquid or dry chemicals, gasses, lubricants, household fluids, foods, atmospheres, and other environments are covered.
  • 500 chemical trade names covered.
  • A quick reference summary of chemical resistance for each elastomer compound is provided.
  • Corrodents listed in alphabetical order.
  • Data are presented in symbolic format (A, B, C, NR) with some data at specific rates of deterioration, time and temperature. See the sample page.
  • Where known chemical resistance varies with concentration and temperature, data is presented in descending order of concentration and temperature.
  • Mechanical, physical and electrical properties data for each elastomer is provided.
  • Printed on semigloss, 60 pound, plastic coated bond paper to last several years of use.
  • Case bound hardcover.
  • 780 pages, 8.5 x 11 page size.

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58 Elastomer Compounds Included Within Chemical Resistance Guide For Elastomers III
Chlorinated PolyethyleneCM® CPE500
Chlorosulfonated PolyethyleneCSM® Hypalon2571
Coplyester TPE ® Hytrel698
Coplymer TPO ® Norprene480
Copolymer TPO ® Santoprene1008
EpichlorohydrinCO,ECO® Hydrin545
Ethylene AcrylicEA® Vamac913
Ethylene PropyleneEP,EPDM 2696
Ethylene Vinyl AcetateEVA 758
Fluorinated CopolymerTFE/P® Atlas1235
Fluorinated CopolymerTFE/P® Fluoraz1405
Fluorinated Ethylene PropyleneFEP® Tetlon1894
Fluorinated PolyphosphazeneFZ, PNF® Eypel-F,® PNF-2001045
FluoroelastomerFKM® Viton A2831
FluoroelastomerFKMViton B1589
FluoroelastomerFKMViton F1583
FluoroelastomerFKMViton ETP2230
FluoroelastomerFKMViton GFLT1577
FluoroelastomerFKMViton SPL GLT1580
FluoroelastomerFKM® Hyfluor V3819-752080
FluoroelastomerFKMHyfluor V8534-902080
FluorosiliconeFVMQ 2272
Hydrogenated NitrileHNBR 2060
Isobutylene IsopreneIIRButyl2675
Low Density PolyethyleneLDPE 1068
NitrileNBRBuna N2800
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKM® Chemraz 5052078
Pertluoro ElastomerFFKMChemraz 514981
Pertluoro ElastomerFFKMChemraz 517981
Pertluoro ElastomerFFKMChemraz 519981
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMChemraz 584999
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMChemraz 585999
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMChemraz 6052078
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKM® Isolast 83951712
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMIsolast 95031712
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKM® Kalrez 10182473
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMKalrez 10451921
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMKalrez 1050LF2473
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMKalrez 20351927
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMKalrez 30182473
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMKalrez 40791927
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMKalrez 63751931
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMKalrez 70751930
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKM® Parofluor FF200-752083
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKMParofluor V8545-752083
Perfluoro ElastomerFFKM® Simriz1879
PolyacrylateACM 2074
PolychloropreneCRChloroprene, Neoprene2750
Polyisoprene, NaturalNRNatural Rubber2665
PolyisopreneIRSynthetic Rubber2545
PolysulfideT® Thiokol1281
PolyurethaneAU 2334
PolyurethaneEU 2334
Polyvinyl Chloride, FlexiblePVC 1164
SiliconeVMQ 2245
Styrene ButadieneSBR 2408
Stynenic Ethylene ButyleneSEBS® C-Flex383
   TOTAL 102,019 Entries


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