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NEW 2012 Edition
Chemical Resistance Guide for Metals & Alloys II
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For over 25 years, metallurgists, chemists, engineers, salespeople and others have saved time and money using our chemical resistance guides. These easy-to-use guides can do away with countless hours researching chemical compatibilities. 

The Compass Guides cover almost 180,000 possible combinations of metals, alloys, corrodants, gasses, compounds, foods, and more. Using the Guides can eliminate guesswork and the costly risk of incompatibility in 30 seconds or less.

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Every Compass guide comes with a high quality case-bound hardcover and is printed on 50—70 pound plastic coated paper that will last for years.

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The Compass Corrosion Guides cover incompatibility, chemical resistance, corrosion, decompose, solvent, soluble, solubility, environment, atmospheric, water, sea, salt, acid, alkali, base, basic, stainless steel, exotic alloys, chemical properties, rubber, plastics, alkaline and metallurgical material. Compass books, or guides, can give you instant answers to common corrosion and resistance questions. An excellent reference for anyone in manufacturing, chemical or petroleum industries, engineers and salesmen.

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